The Art of Steeling

Custom Blacksmith and Artistic Iron work
Whatever your dreams, big or small, The Art of Steeling is here to make them a reality.  
We hand forge custom artistic wrought iron work for any project you have in mind.  The
only limitation is your imagination and if you get stuck, we are there to help with our
custom artist designer who can make suggestions and bring new ideas to the table.   

All of our work is hand forged, this means the metal is placed in a coal forge and heated
to between 1950 degrees and 2400 degrees Fahrenheit.  The metal is then pulled out of
the forge and hand hammered on an anvil until the desired shape and texture is
achieved.   Each and every piece is original.

The Art of Steeling is not unlike Alchemy.  It is a joining of metals, mathematics, music
and science.  With the right combination of ingredients, the elusive Philosopher’s Stone
can be created.  Most of our fine art pieces and sculpture are based on Symbology and
Cryptology.  Each piece has a hidden code or symbol.  In addition, the art is also based
on Music and the complex structures of Mathematics within some forms of Music.

The Art of Steeling is located just South of Hendersonville, NC  near Asheville snuggled
in the Appalachian Mountains of Western North Carolina.
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The Art of Steeling
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