Hooks, Hangers & Hardware
Hand forged twisted decorative hooks

3 thicknesses to choose from:
1/4", 3/8" and 1/2"

1/4 x 7" -   $8.00 each
3/8 x 9" -   $13.00 each
1/2 x 15" - $18.00.00 each

If you are looking for a specific size, style or finish we can
accommodate any variations - The hook end can also be made larger
to hang that special rifle or shotgun on your mantle.

Sizes may vary

Can be used for decorative hanging .  We can also make custom designs and sizes.

2 thicknesses to choose from: 1/4" and 3/8"

1/4 x 13" - 15" -    
$15.00 each  
3/8 x 15" -   $20.00 each

Hangers give from 10" to 13" clearance away from wall

Sizes may vary
Hand forged leaf  hooks

These beautiful hooks are made in pairs.

5/16" x 7"

$25.00 each or $40.00 for the pair

Size may vary
Hand forged S-Hooks

1/4" x 13" -  $10.00
1/4" x 21" -  $15.00
1/4" x 34" -  $20.00

Size may vary
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These hooks can be used in many ways from hanging
pots and pans on your kitchen wall to towels (shown
below) or just hanging that special antique tool or
utensil. They also make beautiful coat racks.  This is
a perfect way to display your special treasures or
re-decorate your kitchen living room, coat closet or
bathroom.   Interior or exterior use
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Hand Forged "over the door"
Holiday Wreath Hangers


These beautiful plant hangers can go inside or outside.  They
come in black or rust finish which is a non-invasive patina.

Plant Hanger Extensions
with center twist
Hand forged custom design
1/4 x 4"  (size may vary)

$20.00 each
Hand Forged Door Pulls & Cabinet Hardware
The Pride of Charleston

Plant Hanger
These can also be made for
cabinet hardware

1/4" x  6" (Size may vary)

$20.00 Each
made for cabinet

1/2" x 8" (sizes may

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over the top hanger

Comes 6" away from wall

End Door Pulls
Measures 10" X 2"
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These hand forged and twisted plant hanger extensions come in three middle.

13" - $15.00

21" - $20.00

34" - 25.00
Hand forged Custom gate latches
Designed by artist Patricia Bentley

Please call for quote
Custom design drawer pulls and Dishwasher handle

Bark Texture with leaf ends
The Art of Steeling
Zirconia, NC  28790

Ph: (828)-696-6694

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Hand Forged Shelf Brackets

$100.00 Pair
Hand Forged Spade Angle Brackets

$65.00 each
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Custom Radius Shower Curtain Rod

elegance to any bathroom

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