Billions of years ago, throughout our universe as well as many
others, chaos gave way to order as life began to spring up.   More
and more universes began to emerge, and more and more galaxies
within those universes.  Giant balls of hot gases began to give light
and were called stars.  Particles of dust and other matter began to
bond together around the stars to form planets.  Finally the
planets were sprinkled with the right ingredients to form plants,
animals and humanoid beings we call man on our planet and alien
beings on others.

As everything continued to expand, more branches were added to
the tree of life until finally it bore the most beautiful fruit that
could ever be given.  That gift was knowledge.  Not only did we
have the knowledge of past present and future, we also had the
knowledge that everything is part of everything.  Even down to the
last subatomic particle, everything came from the same never
dying energy.  

When the ancients of this and other planets realized that their
people started to forget that they came from the everything, they
tried to remind them but it was too late.  They decided to hide the
knowledge so that it would never be destroyed and with the hope
that one day the people would be ready to accept the knowledge
once again.  

As time went on, and beings from every place and every time
forgot more and more, the tree of life stopped bearing fruit and
the branches began to die and fall off becoming completely
separate and apart from the tree.

I present to you the tree of life as it once was long ago.  The five
main roots at the base of the tree represent the shape of the
pentagon and pentagram which is the symbol for the perfect
number or golden ratio, the branches are shown flourishing and
reaching out and up.  The trunk of the tree is made in the form of
a double helix which is a symbol for all life and representation of
the strand of DNA.  Finally the top of the tree is crowned with the
bright and beautiful flower which symbolizes the fruit or the gift
of knowledge.  

Now do you re- member?
The Tree of Life
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