Hand Forged Wrought Iron Candle Holders
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Keeper of the Three Secrets
The Keeper of the Three Secrets is a new personal favorite of mine.  This
piece was designed by an incredible Artist Pat Bentley.  I created this piece
to represent the Tree of Life which holds the secrets of the Past, the
Present and the Future.  This elegant piece shows all the details of the
tree bark which was hand textured.   

Measures 21" wide X 21" Deep X 24" height

The Journey
The Journey was inspired by my desire to delve into the world of art
nouveau.   It is entire hand forged wrought iron and makes the perfect table

Fire of Delphi
The Fire of Delphi was created as an amazing illusion.  It is a candle
holder that hot cut and twisted and is all 100% hand forged.  When
a candle is placed inside the dish and it is lit, the piece itself comes
to life as the shadows on the wall become the flickering flames.  
Truly as mysterious as the Oracle herself.  The twists were taught
to me by my good friend and master blacksmith
Wesley Angel.

Dimensions are 13" X 13" X 13"

$250.00 Each
The Golden Swan Candle Holder
This piece as with many of my works are based on
the mathematical principles of the Golden Ratio and
the Golden Spiral.  They are sold either individually
or as a set.  Designed by Artist Patricia Bentley.

$150.00 Each
We see these symbols every day and never pay attention to their actual meaning.

This custom wrought iron candelabra was created in memory of the incredible vision of our
forefathers who fought the tyranny and formed what we know today as The United States of

The great builders of our nation used the Templar and Freemason symbols of the Un-finished
Pyramid and the All Seeing Eye throughout our land and it was finally printed on the One Dollar
Bill.  The unfinished pyramid is a representation that our nation will always be changing and
evolving. Underneath the unfinished pyramid is written Novus Ordo Seclorum, meaning New
Order of the Ages or also translates to New Secular Order.  Written at the base of the pyramid
in Roman Numerals is MDCCLXXVI or 1776, the year the United States Declaration of
Independence was signed.

There are a total of 13 points on the candelabra.  This number is very important in our nation’s
history because it stands for the date that the Knight’s Templar were betrayed by the church.  
In addition, the number 13 also shows up numerous times on the One Dollar Bill and is symbolic
of the 13 original colonies.  There are 13 stars above the Eagle, the pyramid has 13 steps, there
are 13 letters in ANNUIT COEPTIS (our undertaking has been favored), there are 13 letters in E
PLURIBUS UNUM (from many, one), there are 13 vertical bars on the shield, there are 13
horizontal stripes at the top of the shield, there are 13 leaves on the olive branch, there are 13
fruits, and there are 13 arrows.

Novus Ordo Seclorum
Wrought Iron Candelabra
Hand Forged Chandelier
This is a hand forged hanging
chandelier. The candle cups are made of
copper and are forged to give the
illusion they are also melting

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