Railroad Spike Coat Racks
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These Railroad Spike Coat Racks are entirely hand made.  Each one of the railroad spikes are forged round at the
bottom to fit in the holes.   The hand forged iron straps on each end are riveted in with 2 holes drilled all the way
through, each side, for the mounting screws. The holes are countersunk so that the screw will blend in.   I use a special
process that I developed to make the wood look well over a hundred years old.  The wood and railroad spikes as well as
the straps are finally heated up again to blend in a very high quality natural wax finish.

We can accommodate any special sizes you need.  As you can see for each additional railroad spike add an additional

3 spike (approx. 18") $120.00
4 spike (approx. 22") $130.00
5 spike (ranges from 27" to 36" or custom size)  $140.00
6 spike (ranges from 32" to 38" or custom size)  $150.00
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