Hand Forged Benches

These hand forged benches are based on the original design of
Todd R. Miller, Blacksmith Artist.  They were a collaboration
between Todd Miller, Tom Hurst, Patricia Bentley and myself.
These beautiful planter boxes will bring your hand
forged and riveted and has the most beautiful
rust patina and some really heavy duty lacquer
for protection as well as drain holes at the
bottom.  The idea for this style planter box came
from Builder and Designer, Nathan Cuttle.

Sizes,  styles and prices will vary.

The planter boxes shown here are 13" x 13" x 8"

$145.00 Each
Hand Forged Planter
This is a custom hand forged barbecue
grill which is a massive 38" in diameter.  
The customer did all the stone work by
himself.  A brilliant addition to the perfect
back yard.
Hand Forged Barbecue Grill
Gothic Bench

The Tree Bench

Art Deco Bench

Todd painted the deco sun with chameleon paint.  It changes colors depending on the angle from green to blue to brown to purple

Photography by Tom Hurst
Re-enactment Cooking Tripod & Accessories
Photography by Tom Hurst
Photography by Tom Hurst
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Photography by Tom Hurst
Photography by Tom Hurst
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Deck and Garden
and durable.  The finish used is a technique used for thousands of years, made of bees wax,
turpentine and boiled linseed oil.  This tripod will hold at least 200 pounds and is made of
1/2" square stock.  
Poker and Removable rack for cooking with a pan can be purchased separately

$185.00 Tripod
$75.00 for poker
$175.00 Removable pan rack