There is a treasure that is so great; King Solomon would
have given his entire Kingdom to possess it.

It is a treasure that is more precious than all the riches

This is a treasure that was woven into the fabric of our
entire universe.

This treasure is found in all things of the natural order and
is so pure that we still have not found its true purpose.

All we know is that it is everywhere.

The Key to finding the treasure is this sculpture.

It is everywhere and is built on every level combined.

The key within the sculpture hides
A number seen both far and wide.
Within the combination told
Its partial name is made of Gold.
Of all the secrets to uncover
1 number comes before the other.
Our founding fathers knew it well
Look at the buildings where they dwell
One final thought before I end
This number shows where light will bend
Fibonacci's Hidden Gold
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