Fire and Hearth
I forged this fireplace set which was designed by a very close friend and
Master Blacksmith
Wesley Angel.   Wesley came up with this design
after finding a couple of Railroad Spikes and called me to tell me he
wanted me to build it since it was more my style than his.  This set is
built almost entirely out of recycled railroad components.

The Last Spike
Hand Forged Fireplace Screens & Doors
Turn your ordinary fireplace into a magnificent centerpiece with our custom hand forged
fireplace screens and doors.  Each one is custom fit to your fireplace and can be set
either to the inside of the opening or the outside.  The one seen below was custom
forged to fit inside and matches the contours of the rocks.
Hand Forged Fireplace Grates & Andirons
Hand Forged Andiron / Grate
Hand Forged Fireplace Tools
Becca's Fire Poker
Andiron Restoration
The Hangin' Tree

This newest fireplace set which took close to 70 hours to complete.

A brilliant collaboration between Muriel Ring and myself, this
hand forged fireplace fender is a whopping 8 foot long and 22
inches high and weighs just a little over 375 pounds.  It is a classic
art deco / traditional style.
Custom Hand Forged Wrought Iron Fireplace Fender
The Art of Steeling
Zirconia, NC  28790

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