Hand Forged Flowers
My Mother was born on the first day of spring, so, I thought it fitting
that I should make her a hand forged rose on her birthday this year.
The hand forged rose takes hours to make.  It begins with the
texturing of each petal and ends with the perfect rose.  For years
botanist's have tried to make a blue rose and have failed to do so,
however, the blacksmith with the magic he puts into the metal with
each blow of the hammer has succeeded.

Each rose measures 13" long and can be made with 1, 2, 3, or 5 leaves

Prices range from $200 to $350
I hand forged these Calla Lilies and then turned them over to Artist Patricia Bentley
who hand painted them using guilder's paste.  I have worked very hard to make them
look as close to the real flower as possible including creating a tool that adds texture
to the stamen  to make it look like it has pollen on it.

$125.00 each
Half Dozen Roses Bouquet with hand
hammered copper vase

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Adrian's Flowers
A commission from a gentleman in Canada who wanted an arrangement of four very
specific flowers: Violet, Astor, Rose and Larkspur.  The birth flowers for himself, his
wife, and two children.  He wanted the arrangement to be in a vase, but, my fiancé,
Muriel Ring who is such an amazing artist, suggested we make it more organic; a
living entity growing out of the earth.  Muriel painstakingly painted the entire
arrangement with such amazing detail making this an unforgettable Christmas for
Adrian and his family.

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Hand Forged Roses
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