This is an amazing custom entry sculpture that is a commissioned collaborative sculpture with Master carver and
incredible artist Don Blackwell.  The sculpture took a total of 333 hours exactly to the minute and has a total of
(ironically) 333 leaves and close to 300 feet of round stock that has all been bark textured by hand, aside from the
plate it sits on, it took almost a full 4 foot  x 8 foot sheet of plate steel for the leaves, which were cut out by hand and
then forged with veining.  The custom ivy sculpture is exactly 55 inches in height by 34 inches wide and 21 inches deep,
all Fibonacci numbers. The hand forged ivy sculpture was unveiled at a private residence on December 14, 2013.
Photography by Steve Mann
The Guardians
Hand Forged Ivy and Hand Carved Palonia Sculpture
The Art of Steeling
Zirconia, NC  28790

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