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Home Decor
Amazing hand forged wands that are
created with Dragon Fire.

From top to bottom:
4 Elements Wand : $50.00
Unicorn Wand:       $50.00
Elder Wand:           $75.00
These old time triangle dinner bells are all hand forged and tuned to
Dinner bell.  Comes
with Hanger and
ClangorDinner bell.  

bell.  Comes complete
with decorative hanger
and clangor which also
has a leaf forged on the

Smooth Finish - 125.00

Bark or Hammered
Texture - $145.00
hanger and clangor
comes in two styles.
Hanger and Clangor

Spiral Galaxy Dinner bell
shown with hanger and
clangor (included).

with single curl.  Comes
with hanger and clangor

This beautiful bathroom counter valence was designed and
commissioned by interior designer Lisa Wood.  Branches are
hand forged including a toilet paper holder built in.
Hand Forged Magic Wands
What a Tree!!  This custom hand forged jewelry tree took weeks to make.  
Each branch offers many places to hang your treasures as well as a forged bowl
for rings and other jewelry items.  It has a special finish that will stand up very
well for years to come.  The branches are bark and hammer textured using tools
that I made myself.

This beautiful umbrella stand
was created with an art deco
theme with diamonds on all 4
sides.  This piece is hand painted
by Pat Bentley

Please call for quote
hammer textured and riveted on.   This piece was designed by Pat Bentley and myself.  The wood
has been distressed using a secret process which makes it look over 200 years old.

Each one is custom made to order please call for quote
This is a beautiful hand forged  wrought iron plate trivet with copper
wire accents.  Available with or without bark texture.  These are
made from 1/2" round stock but I do make them in 3/8 material as
1/2" Bark Texture - $145.00
1/2" hammered texture - $115.00
3/8" Bark Texture - $145.00
3/8" hammered texture - 85.00
This piece is entirely hand forged and is built on the principles of the Golden

It is finished with a heavy coat of clear and can be used for any application such
as a serving tray or fruit platter or just as a fine art piece
The Abundance Bowl
Custom Forged Bathroom Counter Valence