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The Art of Steeling
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Keeper of the Three Secrets
The Fire of Delphi
The Abundance Bowl
A Treasure for Patricia
The Golden Swan
Peggy's Song
Spirit Song
Over the Door
Christmas Wreath Hangers
Hand Forged Fireplace Screen
Hand Forged
Fireplace Grate/Andirons
Hand Forged Bamboo
Towel Bar
Open Kitchen Cabinet
Hand Forged Mirror Frames
Hand Forged Quilt Racks
Hand Forged Benches
Forging Melanie's Ankh
Photography by Tom Hurst
Hand Forged Tree
Fireplace Tool Set
Arrow Towel Bar
Hand Forged Custom Brackets
Custom Gate
Jewelry Trees
Art Deco
Umbrella Stand
Wine Racks
Custom Business Card Holder
Roses with Copper Vase
Laurel Branch Railing
The Guardians
Collaborative sculpture with
Don Blackwell
Photography by Steve Mann
Custom Bottle Openers
Ascending in Love
Inspired by my true
Muriel Ring
Family Birth Flowers
Commissioned Sculpture
with Muriel Ring
New Beginnings
Hand Forged Wands
Laurel Branch Railing
Tuxedo, NC
Hand Forged Custom Commissioned Fireplace Fender