10,260 years ago, an ancient civilization built the pyramids and
the sphinx on the Giza plateau in Egypt.  The pyramids were built
using an amazing mathematical formula known as the golden
ratio (1.61803: 1) which can be found in many facets of nature,
including, but not limited to, the nautilus shell, the seed
structure in an apple, and the structure of a pine cone.  The
pyramids were also built by using the star constellation of Orion
as a guide.  The tips of the three pyramids lined up exactly with
the three stars in Orion’s belt around the year 8250 BCE (Before
Common Era).  Additionally, the constellation Leo lined up
directly in front of the great sphinx.

To this day there is much speculation as to who actually built the
pyramids and when they were built.  There is a legend that deep
within the Orion nebula there is a solar system with a planet
called Antares who’s inhabitants (the Annunaki or shining ones
as they were called by the Egyptians and the Mayan’s) are so far
advanced that they were capable of traveling to our planet and
bestowing upon the receptive ancient Egyptians knowledge far
beyond their current capabilities.  Because of this great gift the
ancient Egyptians paid homage to the Annunaki by erecting 3 of
the greatest engineering and mathematical marvels ever
achieved in the history of our planet.

This sculpture is a representation of the great pyramids and the
constellation Orion and the mathematical formula of the golden
ratio.  All three were used in its creation. The ankh on top
represents the knowledge of eternal life.  It is an everlasting
symbol that all things are made up of energy which can never be
destroyed, but can change from one form to another.  The crystal
within the center of the pyramid represents the many elements
of the universe.

On the day of the Winter Solstice, when the sculpture is placed
in the sunlight, with the base points of the pyramid facing east,
west, north and south, the shadow creates the outline of the
constellation of Orion.
Orion's Pyramid
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