A Treasure for Patricia
Okay, so here is the story.  My friend Patricia Bentley, an incredibly gifted artist was telling me one day that
she wanted a Pencil Box for all her colored pencils, "Something simple" she told me.  Well, I have never
been one for simplicity and I had just finished watching the entire Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy.  It was
supposed to be for her birthday which is the first day of Summer and I finally finished it 3 months after
that!  After the second month of coming out into the shop, she stopped believing that it was a really ornate
pot for plants.  Now she says it is too pretty to use as a pencil box and she wants me to build a custom stand
for it.....next is the pirate ship.  

The entire treasure chest is hand forged  wrought iron and weighs close to 50 lbs empty.
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