Hand Forged Railroad Spike Knives
These are hand forged knives made from railroad spikes. They are
forged in one piece with no welding involved.  Every blade is hardened
and tempered for maximum life.  I will use a variety of finishes on each
knife and have created custom knives including a Vampire Bat knife
with wings attached.  Pictures below show the rough process from start
to finish.

Hand Polished -

Non Polished - $50.00

Elaborate Customs - Please Call for Quote
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The Forging Process
The Barbarian Rail Road Spike Knife

This knife has a brass finish on the
handle and a gun blue finish on the
blade.  The blade is pitted to look
like it is made of stone

Assassin's Last Stand

With its unique curved
blade this knife is
spectacular with the
handle polished in gun
blue and the blade brass

The Art of Steeling
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