The Lime
I had a great customer e-mail me and asked me to create a custom piece for him.  He wanted
the outline of a Lime hand forged, with the word LIME inside.  He told me it was a gift for his
wife for their 6th wedding anniversary.   When he told me that, I had to know the story
behind it, and this is what he said, "The story behind it is kind of amusing... My wife's
handwriting is questionable to say the least, and one day she left me a note asking me to
marinate the meat with lime.. Which i did... Only to find out that she had just asked me to
marinate the meat and signed the note "L, me" (as in "love comma me)... So ever since then
we always  sign our email's or cards with LIME..."  It was such a pleasure making this piece
and as I shared the story with everyone I knew, it brought a great big smile on their face.  So
Happy Anniversary Peter and Sharon!!  This piece was entirely hand forged wrought iron
The Art of Steeling
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